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Thursday Tailgates: Week 2

September 6, 2012

Well, the first week of college football season sure did not disappoint!  Georgia Tech – Virginia Tech was a bit of a nail biter, and luckily for Floyd Mayweather, it was just a rumor that he bet $3 million on Michigan – Alabama.  This weekend will likewise bring excitement.  The game that I am the most excited for is Florida – Texas A&M.  It will be interesting to see whether the Aggies can compete in the SEC and this is the game that starts it all!

Tailgating at Auburn

Speaking of the SEC, I received some information about tailgating at Auburn from the Auburn athletics department.  According to Cassie Arner, who is Auburn’s Assistant Athletic Director for Public Relations,

Auburn University is known for its great tailgating and we estimate that our campus becomes the fifth-largest city in the state of Alabama on game days because of the great turnout. Our tailgating has become a tradition because of the individuals that have been coming back to campus for decades and it is passed down through the generations. While we do have an alumni association, the bulk of tailgating is done by families and individuals. We have one area that people can rent out and have an outside group put their tailgate together, and we have RV lots that fill up on Thursday afternoons. Otherwise, people just find a place park their car and light up the grills.

How much fun does that sound like?  For starters, it is pretty amazing that a campus becomes a state’s fifth-largest city just because of tailgating!  Additionally, it is clear that Auburn fans are passionate about tailgating, as they arrive two days before game day!  What an experience.  Have any of you enjoyed tailgating at Auburn?

Florida – Georgia

Earlier this summer, I discussed with my friend Kristi Dosh, who is ESPN’s sports business reporter, the possibility of traveling to a game together.  The game that I have my eyes on is Florida – Georgia, as it is played in her backyard of Jacksonville, FL.  Along with that, I have enjoyed watching both teams play for some time and know that this is a great rivalry.

If I wasn’t set on traveling for the game before, I was convinced tonight.  This afternoon, I got my hair done and remembered that the gal who does it once traveled to the Florida-Georgia game.  I asked her about her experience.  Before discussing her answer, it’s worth noting that my hair stylist isn’t much of a sports fan and only traveled to the game because her family went.

However, when asked if she thought that I should go to the game she said, “BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW, IT IS THE BIGGEST COCKTAIL PARTY IN THE WORLD!”  Needless to say, she made it out to sound like a really good time centered around college football.  Kristi, if you are reading this, I am in!

Weekly Recipe:  Lisa Horne’s Carne Asada

Earlier this week, my friend Lisa Horne over at Fox Sports shared with me her carne asada recipe.  While I am very grateful for Lisa’s recipe, I am more so grateful for the wonderful mentor she has been to me on this journey.  Whenever I have a question or reach out for advice, Lisa is always quick to respond.  When I received my first media credential, I called Lisa to ask what reporters wear to sporting events.  She graciously talked me through the process for a good 30 minutes while cooking for her family.  Lisa, I’m so grateful to know you and I cannot wait to try this recipe!


12 oz. Flap steak meat

Chef Merito carne seasoning (Available here)


1.  Cut the steak into strips

2.  Place the steak on a plate.

3.  Coat the steak liberally with the Chef Merito Seasoning so that the steak is seasoned on all sides.

4.  Refrigerate the coated steak for at least one hour to marinate.

5.  Grill the steak to your preferred temperature.

Chef Horne says the following about this dish:  “OMG. The best.”

Thank you for the recipe, Lisa!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!  Be safe, have fun and cheer your team to a victory!  And of course, send pictures of your tailgate celebrations!

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