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In December 2013, I launched the #Sports4Good movement.

The #Sports4Good movement was born from the instances of the human spirit and perseverance I’ve seen shine through sports.  I have seen firsthand how an opportunity to play sports can shape the destiny of a life forever–and more often than not, for better.  I have seen firsthand how when given a chance to use their platform, athletes, teams and leagues do so to mold their communities–and more often than not, for better.

Since founding in 2011 and subsequently covering sports for and The Huffington Post, I’ve had the opportunity to interview hundreds of athletes, teams and leagues to learn how they utilize sports to change the world.  While in doing so, I’ve sat on the sidelines when it comes to using sports to change the world, I’ve decided to come off of the bench.  And my first play, is #Sports4Good.

Each month, the #Sports4Good movement will provide individuals opportunities to come off of the bench by presenting fundraisers and volunteer opportunities aimed at utilizing sports to improve the world.  Word of the campaign is largely driven by social media, where individuals can follow its moves and progress on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the #Sports4Good hashtag.

Below you will find a link to each month’s campaign.  There, you will learn the who, what, when, where, why and how for each campaign.  Hopefully, you will then be inspired to become involved!  Be sure to check back often for updates and if you have a suggestion for a campaign, email Alicia at

January 2014:  Coaches v. Cancer Suits and Sneakers Awareness Weekend benefitting the American Cancer Society

December 2013:  Sports Can Change the World

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