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November 13, 2013

As I inch towards age 30, I continue to look for ways to improve my health.  Recently, I thought a lot about my diet.  Overall, it’s not terrible.  I don’t drink much.  I don’t eat out too much.  I eat a lot of vegetables.  I probably drink too many drinks from Starbucks.  However–and this has been true my entire life–I don’t eat much fruit.

I don’t know where my distaste for fruit comes from.  I spent my childhood wandering through my grandparents’ garden, which had a field of raspberry bushes, rhubarb plants and grape vines.  I’d pluck fruit from each and pop it in my mouth and go on my way.  Perhaps I OD’d on fruit as a kid and now, I just don’t like it.

On Sunday, I was at an event for my sorority called Founder’s Day.  It’s the day in which we recognize Sigma Kappa’s founding on November 9, 1874.  There, I met a woman who although she was 83-years-old, she looked like she was 60.  Her body stood upright, her hair was beautiful, her skin fragile and she just epitomized health.  I want to be like that.

Adding fruit and other non-processed foods into my diet along with more strength training are two things I thought I could do to improve my health.  One way I am going to add fruit into my diet is by drinking a smoothie every morning, Monday through Friday.

Today, I share with  you my first smoothie recipe.


1 Green Tea Bag

1/2 Cup Boiling water

2 TSP Honey

1 Cup Blueberries

1 Banana

3/4 Cup Vanilla Soy Milk

1 Cup Ice


Place tea bag in boiling water.  Let steep for three minutes.  Mix in honey until it dissolves.

In a blender, add blueberries, banana, soy milk and ice.  Pour tea mixture over top.  Blend until smooth.  ENJOY!


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