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Miami Nights

July 30, 2014

In the summertime, Miami is hot.  Super hot.  What I love about this city, though, is the heat doesn’t stop anybody from doing anything.

Another thing I love about Miami is all of the colors.  Everywhere you look in the city, there are vivid colors.  Whether the colors are spattered across the art on the Wynwood Walls or the outfits women wear out for a night on the town, Miami is bright.

I love living in a city where fashion isn’t black and white.  I love living in a city where the more daring you are with what you wear, the better off you are.

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A few weeks ago during Miami Swim Week, I had a chance to catch up with the creator of Mamie Ruth, Emily Bargeron, at Sense Beach House.  Based in Savannah, GA, the first words that come to mind when I think of Mamie Ruth’s clothing are “free spirit.”  These are the types of clothes that you put on to go to a festival.  They are the types of clothes you put on when you want to stand out from the crowd, but catch someone’s eye.  They are fun and flirty, yet authentic.

Emily and Mamie Ruth’s story is one that really captured my heart.  Emily named her company after her grandmother.  My grandmother was one of the greatest influences in my life, so the thought of honoring a grandmother’s legacy through a successful, female-empowered business is awesome to me.

A colorful Miami day at the Sense Beach House with Mamie Ruth's founder, Emily.

A colorful Miami day at the Sense Beach House with Mamie Ruth’s founder, Emily.

Another thing that I love about Mamie Ruth, is that every piece of clothing is manufactured in the United States.  The company’s tag line as a matter of fact is, “Every Mamie Ruth garment is proudly made in the USA. Duh!”  What the tag line doesn’t say, though, is how by committing to making her clothing in the USA, Emily and Mamie Ruth helped save American jobs in Georgia.  Emily started Mamie Ruth in 2009, at the height of the recession.  At the time, the production company where Mamie Ruth’s clothes are now created was getting ready to close.  If it wasn’t for Emily’s launch of Mamie Ruth and her intuition in creating the clothing in the USA, many would’ve lost their jobs.

Those who know me, know that I love to shop.  A lot.  These days, though, I am so much more intentional about my shopping.  About 90-percent of my clothes are purchased from small boutiques or collections like Mamie Ruth’s.  I think it’s important to support small businesses and to get behind fellow young women who have a dream.

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This Mamie Ruth outfit is one of my favorites in my closet right now.  I love it, because it is something that before meeting Emily, I would’ve probably never have been daring enough to wear!  I don’t think I’ve worn a crop top since elementary school, but I love the way that this one is made! It provides great support, but is still flattering.  The flamingo pink color and tribal print are super cute, too.  The skirt is the perfect bottom to pair with the crop top.  Not only is the skirt versatile, but it’s high-waisted, which minimizes the amount of tummy that is shown with the crop top.  I also love how the bottom of the skirt is sheer, which adds some fun flavor for a warm summer night!

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I wore this out for a night of gossip and girl talk with one of my best Miami friends, Tyger.  Another thing I love about Miami is the amazing group of successful girlfriends I’ve met.  I also love that they are willing to meet up at 8:30 p.m. on a Tuesday night!  Tyger and I met at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar.  This place not only has awesome food, but an AMAZING ambiance.  Wynwood Kitchen & Bar describes itself as a “visual feast,” which is definitely an accurate description.  When dining outside, guests are literally surrounded by murals.  The murals range from graffiti art featuring Martin Luther King, Jr. to a wall of perfectly arranged silk flowers.  It’s eclectic, colorful, fun, loud and the perfect place to wear a Mamie Ruth outfit!

What places are you digging this summer?  What can’t you stop wearing?

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