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December 2013: Sports Can Change The World Campaign

The #Sports4Good movement was launched in December 2013 with the kick-off of the Sports Can Change the World Campaign.

The goals of the campaign were twofold:  To bring worldwide awareness to sports related nonprofit organizations that may not be on the receiving end of much publicity while also fundraising for the organizations.  The six organizations that participated were:  City Kids Wilderness Project, First Ascenders, L.E.A.D., Operation Warrior Wishes, SkiDUCK and the Vs. Cancer Foundation.

To bring awareness to the organizations, each organization had an opportunity to post a blog on the site which was viewed by thousands of people worldwide.  These blog posts highlighted the mission, goals and needs of each organization.  Furthermore, an intensive social media promotion campaign allowed the message of each organization to be spread worldwide to thousands of individuals.

The fundraising component of the campaign took place over twelve days in December.  During that period, people had the opportunity to purchase a custom-designed t-shirt bearing the phrase, “Sports Can Change the World.”  To generate interest in the organizations and drive t-shirt sales, campaign supporters had the opportunity to vote for which of the six organizations they wanted to direct the profits from the t-shirt sales to.  Additionally, campaign supporters had the opportunity to make a direct donation to the organization of their choice.

Sports Can Change the World

Overall, 128 t-shirts were sold, leading to $1,535.  L.E.A.D. earned the most votes with 642, meaning it received a check for $1,535.  This money will go to ending the dropout epidemic in Atlanta high schools by teaching inner-city boys how to play baseball, while incorporating leadership development opportunities.

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