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Get To Know: First Ascenders


What is the purpose of First Ascenders?

The purpose of First Ascenders is to provide urban teens with an opportunity to rock climb in order to develop self-confidence, physical fitness and a greater awareness of the outdoors. Through engaging in the unique mental, physical and emotional challenges of rock climbing, First Ascenders empowers participants with the skills and knowledge to become life-long outdoor enthusiasts and passionate advocates for healthy living.

How does First Ascenders fulfill this purpose?

First Ascenders primarily operates two types of programs: “open-climb” nights and a six-day intensive outdoor rock climbing camp. The open-climb nights are open to all interested students and take place throughout the school year. They serve to expose students to the sport of rock climbing while developing skills and teamwork grounded in trust, communication, and perseverance. The summer camp program is designed for a group of 15 committed students to explore rock climbing in-depth and expand their skills. With the support of certified guides, students tackle the physical and mental challenges of climbing outside at six of Colorado’s most iconic outdoor climbing areas.


How would First Ascenders benefit from and/or use additional monetary support?

With additional financial resources, First Ascenders could, simply put, offer more programs to more students. We currently have a strong demand from schools as well as outside organizations to offer our programming but are restricted by our limited budget. Because we are a volunteer-run organization and have developed excellent partnerships with guide services, we are able to offer our programs at a fraction of the cost of other organizations, thereby maximizing the impact of every donation. In addition, our organizational structure ensures that 100% of donated funds go directly toward student programming.

Over the past two years, we’ve operated with a budget under $2,000.  During that time, we have served over 150 students, raised over $3,000 and cultivated a team of 30+ volunteers.  All programming is provided to students at no cost.

How else can people get involved with First Ascenders?

Besides financial donations, individuals and organizations can get involved and further First Ascenders’ mission by volunteering at one of our events, contributing gear or in-kind services, or connecting our students with additional opportunities. As a volunteer-based organization, we are always looking for extra support so please contact us and we will find a way to get you involved!





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